Technical Support

Technical Support for LibraryCEO product

Service Level : Three hours response

The growing Technical Support Team is comprised of computing professionals, each with expert education and experience in LibraryCEO product and computing.

Technical support queries can be registered by E-mail, Whatsapp (852) 6689-1216 or Telephone (852) 3421-1917.

The support fee covers unlimited phone, fax email & automatic upgrades as new versions of LibraryCEO Library Management system are released.

Automatic software upgrades so your system contains all the latest enhancements, capabilities and new development.

How do I access the Technical Support Service?

E-mail –
Detail the query and provide all information requested on the LibraryCEO product.
Attach any additional information such as print screens, error messages and further comments using additional pages. Your request will be received directly by Technical Support. Most queries will be responded to within 3 hours (when support is available) of your query being received.
Ensure you have all the details relating to your query with you, including all information requested on the LibraryCEO product.


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